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The Artist

David Selwood © CIPS/Marcos Gittis
David Selwood © CIPS/Marcos Gittis
David Selwood  was born in London and in the 60’s attended Ealing Art College to study on "The Ground Course" a new course that marked one of the most influential changes in the artistic education of the past century. Under the direction of Roy Ascott and his team – artists such as R. B. Kitaj, Bernard Cohen, Harold Cohen, Brian Wall and Denis Bowen – David learned skills that were to be the foundations of his work that you see today.
After a period of study in industrial design at the Central School of Art, he won a travel bursary with one of his designs, enabling him to travel in Europe.
On his return he continued his career as an industrial designer, specialising in the field of lighting and received an award for one his designs from the British Design Council.
Tired of the city life, David and his family moved to rural Wiltshire. In the 80’s he designed and built a beautiful natural stone house, using his expertise in industrial design and creative ability. 
Looking for a new project and encouraged by his friends, David returned to his love of art and drawing. After several exhibitions, he turned to illustrating books. Recently he completed his first graphic novel with a second one soon to follow.
Pencils © CIPS/Marcos Gittis
David's drawing pencils © CIPS/Marcos Gittis